No one can match our dedication to you, the customer, to make sure you know all the options and  understand  exactly what will be done to your vehicle , with a written warranty.

               Since 2000 we have over come every power window
and door lock problem you can imagine . There is no need to let a shop tear off your door panel and break it because they have no idea how to properly remove it, or to get your car back  with rattles that will drive you nuts.

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 Power Window Repair  in Bradenton 

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Welcome to the only real choice for Automotive Electric  Power Window repair located in Bradenton. We service 800- 1000 Power Windows every year.We give a 1 year warranty on all jobs when using new parts, we also give a 1 year warranty when using our  exclusive rebuilt factory parts. This is all we do, we are not side tracked by changing tires changing oil  or any other distractions,WE REPAIR ELECTRIC  POWER WINDOWS and CONVERTIBLE TOPS PERIOD! Other repair shops call us for information or to fix what they broke On Power Windows ,new car dealers send us their Power windows, they have even sent us customers right out of their service drives to repair their Power Windows. Remember,we can do the job for less money in most cases, and still provide a written warranty simply because this is all we do.

3007 11th st w bradenton Florida 34205 

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in Bradenton

We don't guess at your problem by throwing parts at it, 

after 8000 Power Window repairs, we don't have to!