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Looking for a mechanic you can trust? Look no further! We’re the most friendly, honest power window repair  team in the area. 


We offer  preventative maintenance options. 

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Power Window Repair Bradenton, Sarasota

        Welcome to the only real choice for automotive electric window repair located in Bradenton. We service 800- 1000 windows every year we give a 1 year warranty on all jobs when using new parts, we also give a 1 year warranty when using our rebuilt factory parts. This is all we do, we are not side tracked by changing tires changing oil  or any other distractions,WE REPAIR ELECTRIC WINDOWS PERIOD! Other repair shops call us for information or to fix what they broke,new car dealers send us their electric windows, they have even sent us customers right out of their service drives. Remember,we can do the job for less money in most cases, and still provide a written warranty simply because this is all we do.